The more you know the more you grow...

How dare you settle for less when the world has made it so easy for you to be remarkable? The dopest thing about you is YOÜ. There's no better you than YOÜ. Think about it. The ÜNIVERSE literally starts with YOU. The world doesn't need more stuff, it needs more of you. That being said, invest more time in yourself. If this pandemic has shown us anything, it definitely should have shown us what to invest our time into. Look at the people in your immediate circle. Take notice to the people that are "suffering" from boredom versus the ones that are thriving and creating opportunities.

Without a doubt, the average music producer has heard more music than the average person. And the average VC (venture capitalist) has seen more business plans than the average person. The average journalist has read more books and told more stories than the average person. The same is true for doctors, editors, and critics. They all have much more experience in their area of expertise than the average person. 

In any endeavor where there’s a reason to care about more information, more information is available. A lot more. It’s impossible to have read all the books, seen all the movies, heard all the songs and know all the information.

Domain knowledge is required, but domain knowledge is no longer a sufficient competitive advantage because it’s widespread.

After you do the reading, then what are you going to do? Good judgment and a thoughtful point of view are now scarce assets worth seeking out. Think about that the next time you spend your time delving in information.  

In the meantime, what have you done with what you’ve learned?


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