The F-Bomb

Droppin' F-Bombs all around the world. FÜK stands for the Fundamentals of Üniversal Knowledge. A part of unlocking your "Ünlimited Self" is knowing that everything is energy, even you. Everything is vibrating. These vibrations are determined by what you think, feel, and believe. That's where the dopeness is born. If you focus on the dopest parts of yourself, YOÜ begin to attract more dopeness. This is when you and your reality become, not just dope, but Dope As Fük.

You determine your own destiny. Your attitude determines your aptitude. Dope is not grabbing at the stars but being one. Dope is believing in something greater than yourself and then acknowledging that YOÜ are a part of that greater BEING. You don't have to have it all to be dope. But being dope is everything.